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    • July 31, 2011 11:15 PM EDT
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      STEDI STOCK    Product Review.

      We just got this latest Product Review and I wanted to share it!

      It was published in Outwrite Outdoors

      The Stedi-Stock

      By DerrekSigler,on May 9th,2010


      A while back,a guy from Agonic Enterprises from Texas got a hold of me and asked me if I’d like to try out a new product from him called the Stedi-Stock. I looked at it and was quick to say yes. The Stedi-Stock is a plastic,lightweight stock to mount your spotting scope or video camera to. You can then hold the scope or camera very steady,with no shaking so common with just holding something in your hands.

      Does it work?
      Yes,very well. I used it with a spotting scope and found it to work almost as well as the tripod,yet was much more mobile. I also liked that it is light and compact,making it extremely mobile. You have several mounting options for how you want the device to be held on the stock.

      What’s with the grip?
      The grip threw me at first. I didn’t see why it was cone-shaped. ThenI saw the other part of it that can mount on a tripod. What it basically does is give you a quick-release mechanism for mounting the Stedi-Stock on a tripod,or window mount. You can them pull it off and go out into the field. Think about that. You’re out scouting for bucks or bulls or whatever. You spot what you’re after,and all you have to do is pull the Stedi-Stock off of the tripod and go. And you still have a useable scope because of the Stedi-Stock.

      I occasionally have to use a video camera. The Stedi-Stock allows me to be totally mobile,yet still get good,quality shots.

      The Outwrite Truth
      If I hadn’t been asked to test one of these,but had read a test or seen one,I would have bought it on my own. It is a quality product and does just what it says it will do. I haven’t seen anything just like it before and the versatility and mobility of it make it a product every hunter,outdoor-enthusiast etc… should own. Best of all,it is made right here in the USA and is available for under $30! I don’t get anything for selling these but am telling you,go buy one. You won’t be sorry!


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